“To promote and improve the quality of visual arts education in the state of North Carolina.  The North Carolina Art Education Association will focus on three broad categories to accomplish its goals: leadership, service and organization.


The North Carolina Art Education Association (NCAEA) is an active advocate for promoting visual arts education in K-12 public and private schools, higher education, museums, arts centers, and arts councils across the state. It is affiliated with the National Art Education Association.

The association provides an important forum for group discussion, advocacy and advancement of visual arts education in our state by uniting members in the following areas: educators from pre-kindergarten through higher education; students; museums, art centers, and arts council staff, supervisors/administrators; retired art educators and friends of the arts.

We provide and stimulate professional participation and leadership development by promoting knowledge of and the creation of arts, and by encouraging sound methods and philosophies for teaching visual arts. 



The North Carolina Art Education Association was formed in the mid-1960s by members of the art sections of the North Carolina Education Association and the North Carolina Teachers Association. This new group met in general session on March 27th, 1965, after electing its charter officers. The first constitution of the association was finally accepted and received in April of 1970. The organization has continued to grow and change, striving to meet the needs of North Carolina’s arts educators. A more complete history compiled by Frances Crimm and Dr. Perry Kelly, 1991, is on file in the Archives Division at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina.