2018 NCAEA Professional Development Conference

"Art is the Answer"

November 1 - 4, 2018 |     Asheville,  NC

Links for the Conference Survey & CEU Form 

Conference Survey

CEU Form

Please complete the survey, fill in the CEU Form, and once it has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an email with your certificate. You will print the certificate, fill it in, and submit it to your school district’s renewal credit supervisor.

Thank you for attending this year’s conference!!

Renaissance Asheville Hotel  for 149.00 USD per night

Last day to book: 10/5/18

Administrators Encouragement for Support Letter

Download the letter to administration encouraging their support of your attendance at this year’s conference! And, you can start planning for expenses and asking for support from your principal, supervisors, and superintendent. You may even search for a grant to help you.

A breakdown of the cost is as follows:

·  NCAEA/NAEA Membership: $90

·  Conference Registration: $160

·  Conference Hotel: $149 plus 13% tax per night (find roommates to reduce this by half!)

·  Food: State per diem is $37.90 per day (except Saturday, your evening meal is provided at the Banquet at no additional cost)

·  Add all this together including a roommate and the total is: $597.36 plus you will need to add in your gas mileage. Divide the total and start saving today!


You will be able to connect with your Art Colleagues from across the state of North Carolina as we come together to share our secrets to success in our educational settings. Leave feeling inspired to take back new innovations to your students, and imagine the places they will go with your creative encouragement!

Lots waiting for you in Asheville, November 1-4, 2018!

You must be an NCAEA member to register.

If you need to join or renew, please go to www.arteducators.org and sign up before registering. This is the easiest way to renew your membership or join for the first time. If it is necessary for you to include your membership in registration, we have a place for that on this site. PLEASE renew or join on www.arteducators.org if at all possible.  THANK YOU for your help with this.

If you need assistance, please email or call:  pastpresident@ncaea.org or (336) 244-5484.

Things to know before registering:

• You must be a member of NCAEA/NAEA to attend the conference.

• The conference fee is NOT your membership fee to NCAEA/NAEA  A conference registration fee is for the general operations of the conference only.

• You may join or renew your membership on this registration site by going to www.arteducators.org 

• When you join at www.arteducators.org, you will receive a confirmation email with your new ID number.  

• All current members should use your NCAEA/NAEA ID number when registering. Membership must be current through November 30th, 2018.


Early Registration Fees: Active- $160, Pre Service- $75, Retired- $105, Admin- $160)

Early Conference Registration Fee ends Oct. 15th. Each increases by $25.00(Active- $185.00, Pre Service- $100.00, Retired- $130.00, Admin- 185.00)

Merchandise orders close on Oct. 15th- No Refunds

No refunds on Workshops or Registration after Oct. 15th.

You may register online with a credit card until Wednesday, Oct. 31st at Noon. 

Onsite registration will open at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel on Thursday, Nov. 1st from 6pm-8pm. (You will NOT get the banquet meal if you choose to wait and register at the conference.)